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SOPHIA is simply amazing in all the ways that count. How many providers do you know who take appointments by txt? Beyond her naturally gorgeous body, she's got a great sense of humor, is a great conversationalist, truly wants you to be pleased, has a very discrete incall, and charges way lower than she's worth. Add to that a tasty deep kisser, soft breasts with big hard nipples, and a clean tight sweet wet pussy. Man it makes me want to jerk off just think about her. All the other reviews are completely true when they say she sucks cock like no other. She's like a hot chick with a thousand tools. Like sloppy spit BJ's with two counter rotating stroking hands? No problem for Sophia. Like to feel your cock deep down a girls throat? Yup, Sophia does that too. Enjoy your balls licked and sucked while a girl looks at you with fuck me eyes. Enjoy squirting your hot load all over big natural tits? She'll all over it. Sophia is a pro at all of that and more. Sophia is the real deal fellas. She's hot, knows how to please any man, and truly enjoys her work. Treat her well and she will quickly become your ATF!


Came to visit with this lady today and I Have to say I am not disappointed. Her mouth, her lips, the way her tongue wrapped around me, the way she cupped & stroked my ballsack. It was the most amazing feeling that I came way faster than I wanted to. It wasn't something I could control at that point. I wish I could bring my wife to her for lessons. This girl's going to run me broke now that I've felt her work.


I asked Sophia what made her job so good to her, & she said because she loves to watch a mans face & hear his reactions to how she makes him feel. She feels powerful when she's sucking a cock & she loved knowing men leave her with the boost in confidence that made them feel like the real men they were & it keeps them coming back. So ended our email conversation & I just had to meet her. Seriously, I hadn't expected any intellectual answer like that. I'd have been less surprised & less inclined to visit her if her comeback would have been like the previous amount of escorts had replied & she'd have said "the money's good." I must say I was not let down by my expectations, but rather she exceeded them by far. Meticulous & eager to please, that woman has found another reg client in me!



I bow down to Sophia. You are worthy of worship. I'm in love with your touch, I can't get enough of your body touching mine. You're softer than clouds could ever be. Your skin & hair smell wonderful & invegorating. Your kisses & the way you grind on me makes my body ache to be inside you. Your burning lips sends me writhing & moaning, my rod wanting to push all the way down your throat! You are so gentle & time consuming with your skill. It is so erotic to watch! Sophia, I want to sweep you away, but I'm not a rich man & am already married. But you are the best thing I've had in my life in a long, long time. One of these days, I will definately have to see you for the full hour, but for now, your oral treats are exactly that- Treats! I would put you on a pedestal if I had one & kiss your feet all day for just 1 of your bj's a day! You make this old man feel like I'm in my 20's again & finding passion again for the 1st time. You are a goddess Sophia. A one of a kind, definately.

Had a session with Daniele and Sophia this weekend, sand all i can say is WOW!!!! After arriving at Daniele's place, we all stripped down, they laid me on the bed, and I watched the two of them do the hottest 69 I have ever seen. Daniele invited me down there to help with Sophia while she played with my cock. They laid me down between them and proceded to lick and suck me to the brink several times, stopping each time I was at the edge. They finally covered me up and each one had a ride. 1st Sophia on top while Daniele played down below. Then Daniele climbed on board while Sophia was kissing and nibbling me. I held off as long as I was able, but the combination of all these sensations was too much, and I exploded until there was nothing left inside. Afterwards we all laid on the bed ( me in the middle), and just chatted and rubbed and tickled until, sad to say, it was time to leave. I left with some fond memories and a promise to be back. Thanks Daniele and Becka.

Sophia is a professional provider in every sense. She didn't rush me out the door after the 1st release. She let me hang out in her bedroom while we talked & got to know each other. Then there was a 2nd helping before my time was done. I am completely satisfied with her & her services.